Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will consist of community members selected by County Council. It includes two business owners, four public members, two Councillors and the Yellowhead County Mayor. The Steering Committee will serve as an advisory group to the project team to bring new ideas for discussion and test proposed regulations as they are drafted.

Steering Committee Meeting #1
August 26, 2020

Past Consultation Events

Land Use Bylaw Survey #2 was hosted between October 11, 2020 and November 7, 2020.

Land Use Bylaw Survey #1 was hosted between May 1, 2020 and June 1, 2020.
Survey results are available here

West Focus Group

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: People’s Centre, Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre, Hinton (805 Switzer Dr.)

East Focus Group

Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Galloway Station Museum and Travel Centre, Edson (223 55 St. Edson)


The Yellowhead County Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is being updated to provide a modernized approach to managing land use on private lands within Yellowhead County. The project was initiated in early 2020 and is intended to be finalized in one year’s time in early 2021.

To support the project, the County and consultants will be gathering public and stakeholder input on a wide range of topics including a project specific Steering Committee and a variety of consultation events and Council updates.

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Project Materials

Background and FAQ

Background Panels

Survey #1 Response Summary

Transect Precedent Review

Steering Committee Meeting #1

Focus Group Summary Results

Survey #2 Response Summary

Survey #3 Response Summary

Existing County Documents

Land Use Bylaw

Municipal Development Plan

Interactive Mapping

Land Use Bylaw 101

  • The Land Use Bylaw establishes rules and regulations for land development as well as the process of making decisions for development permit applications within Yellowhead County.
  • The Land Use Bylaw includes land use districts (zones) such as the HR – Hamlet Residential District, the HC – Hamlet Commercial District, or the RI – Rural Industrial District, in order to separate residential, commercial, and industrial land development and regulate specific land uses and buildings.
  • Each land use district (zone) has certain land uses that are permitted while others are discretionary. Uses not listed in a district as either permitted or discretionary are prohibited. Examples of land uses include a single detached dwelling, automobile sales, a restaurant, a gravel extraction operation or manufacturing.


How does the Land Use Bylaw impact me?

  • If you’re planning to construct a building, start a business, change land use (zone), undertake renovations or redevelopment, erect a sign, or establish a secondary suite in your basement or above your garage, the Land Use Bylaw will provide the applicable rules and regulations you’ll need to consider.
  • If you’re wanting to look up the land use district (zone) for a parcel of land, the Land Use Bylaw includes maps which outline the land use district (zone) for each parcel of land within Yellowhead County. Each land use district (zone) includes specific rules and regulations governing how the land can be used and what can be built. For example, residential (single detached home, duplex, apartment, etc.), commercial (restaurant, cinema, shopping center, etc.), or industrial (power plant, pulp mill, warehousing, etc.)


What kind of regulations does the Land Use Bylaw contain?

  • Accessory buildings (e.g. garage or shed) height, size, placement, exterior design, etc.
  • Land use district (zone) for a parcel of land e. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.
  • Primary building type, size, placement, height, elevation design, etc.
  • Parking and landscaping requirements
  • Permitted and discretionary uses e.g, lodgings, home business, recreational use, public park, etc.
  • Applications which are exempt from requiring a development permit application
  • Sign and fence regulations

What if I can’t meet the regulations?

  • You have the opportunity to apply for a variance on a development permit application.
  • The application is considered by a Development Officer who interprets the Land Use Bylaw regulations and other municipal policy plans, then issues a decision.
  • You also have the opportunity to apply for a Land Use Bylaw amendment in which you could request to change a specific regulation, or the land use district (zone) for a parcel of land.


What is a permitted use and does it require a development permit?

  • A permitted use means a land use that is allowed under a land use district.
  • Permitted uses are listed under the Permitted Use Table for each land use district.
  • Permitted uses vary between each land use district.
  • Yes, permitted uses require a development permit. This ensures conformance to the Land Use Bylaw.
  • The Development Officer must approve an application for a permitted use which complies with the Land Use Bylaw; however, conditions may be attached to the permit.

What is a discretionary use?

  • Means a land use, building, or other structure that may be allowed by the Development Authority after due consideration is given to the impact of that use upon neighboring land.
  • Discretionary uses are listed under the Discretionary Use Table for each land use district.
  • Discretionary uses vary between each land use district.
  • A Development Officer may approve the discretionary use application with or without conditions or refuse the application while providing reasons.